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Product Details

10/20 Traileyre


Engineered for the efficient and safe transportation of both round and large square bales.

The unit is on tandem axles fitted with radial tyres to minimise ground compaction and any scrubbing on grasslands.  The unit is easy to operate using a single spool valve lever to control the loading and off-loading operation.


– 10 x 1 tonne bale capacity or 20 x 0.35tonne straw bale capacity
– Multiple tine positions gives the best options across all square section bales and round bales. 1.2m – 1.5m diameter
– Tandem axles fitted with 550/45-22.5 flotation tyres. Optional radial tyre for least damage to grasslands
– High speed axles give 50% braking capacity with optional air/ABS and or hydraulic brakes
– All round suspension and sprung drawbar for smooth ride at speed over all conditions
– Space frame construction for light weight but strongest structure
– Simpler hydraulic circuit with safety locking valves mounted directly onto the cylinders for best level of safety
– Compact control switch panel is easy to read and use whilst being unobtrusive within the confined space available in tractor cab
– A single safety isolation switch ensures safe transport. Tie wrap fixture makes changing tractors easy
– Stronger lift arms with two pivot bushes well spaced apart for longer life
– Guide tubes on lift arms makes for easier alignment whilst protecting the machine from bale damage and gives good bale support during transport
– Single pin fixing of extensions makes for quick and easy change over from 10 to 20 bale machine
– LED lighting for longer lasting, brighter and maintenance free performance
– Easy adjustable drawbar height through a long lasting, fail-safe rubber suspension


– Able to handle 10 x round silage , 20 x hay or straw bales, 10 x midi or large square hay or straw bales
– Able to work in ‘soft’ conditions – leaves a ‘light foot-print’, keeping compaction to a minimum
– Eliminates a second operator from the field and loader tractor / materials handler
– Secure load without spending time strapping
– Easy to operate
– Easy to couple  – uncouple

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