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Product Details

Actisol Grassland Subsoiler


The new Actisol grassland subsoiler is designed specifically to relieve compaction in grassland. The 2.9mtr wide Actisol toolbar can be fitted with 3, 4 or 5 legs and discs as required.

High standard specification includes:

– Long life Carbide steel wearing parts
– Sprung front discs
– Double sprung legs
– Rear roller to control height

30mm wide sprung loaded leg follows the disc and lifts the grass sward relieving compaction & allowing water and air under the surface, while leaving minimal disturbance of the surface.

The leg comprises of 3 parts, these are constructed of CARBIDE steel for long wearing life:

– Shin
– 25mm Point (425mm long)
– Splitting plate on underside
– Each leg is fitted with a unique double spring to allow leg to reset after encountering stones and objects. Spring action also creates a vibrating action under the surface helping to shatter the compacted pan

355 mm diameter sprung disc cuts slots ahead of subsoiler leg to ensure minimum disturbance of the surface.

450mm Diameter rear roller helps consolidate the slot while allowing it to remain open to the air, as well as controlling working depth by means of simple pin settings.

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