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Product Details

E.I.D Readers



Easy livestock inventory management and fast simple recording and recalling of up to date accurate information about your animals. Identify poor performers and facilitate separate feeding group management based on growth rate precisely.

The more sophisticated smartscales integrate seamlessly with your own databases. A variety of options from handheld scanners, weighing units that hold thousands of records, a guaranteed read of any type of ear tag and a solid reputation for quality mean that Gallagher APS are the choice for the modern or improving farmer.

– Up to 5000 tag reads held in memory
– Ergonomically engineered grip enables all day   ease-of-use.
– Switch from pen to pen without the time consuming need to download data between pens, simply start a new session on the reader in between each pen.
– Audio, visual and vibratory handle keeps operator informed of status in noisiest of environments.
– Graphic display show multiple data at once including number of tags in current session. Total number of tags in memory . EID number of last tag read and remaining battery life.
– Transmit as you’re working, store in memory or do both at the same time.
– Comes with MyScale Pro Software to download files and store sessions on computer.
– Can be interfaced with your existing analysis and tracking software.

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