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Product Details

Sheep System ‘D’


– The corner stone of a most versatile system utilizing a 4880mm approx semi circular forcing pen
– Approximately 8600mm long x 4880mm approx wide holding app 40-60 animals
– Further holding & dispersal pens need to be added but initially can be made from interlocking sheep hurdles (not included)
– Options to put sheep through a narrow sorting race, footbath race or 915mm approx wide treatment race
– 3050mm x 915mm stand in foot bath is included
– Swing and slide gate allows the forcing pen to be full all of the time
– Sheeted race can be tapered if required when working on lambs


1 x 3050mm x 915mm stand in footbath

4 x 3050mm 6 railed sheep hurdle

1 x 2500mm pair of rail gate in frame

1 x swing and slide gate

1 x 570mm wide guillotine gate

1 x guillotine gate and rope pulley kit

1 x drafting/stop gate

1 x 570mm wide race joiner

1 x 2way support post on base plate

5 x 3050mm sheeted hurdle

1 x 3050 sheeted sliding gate in hurdle

4 x 1870mm radiused hurdle sheeted

3 x 1750 long dual railed gates in frame

76mm h/post c/w b/plate pivot and lugs

29 x sheep coupling rod

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