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Store & Thaw Colostrum Management System

Pyon Products

At last – a colostrum management system you can afford!

The Store & Thaw Colostrum Management System comprises a Storage Kit and a Thawing Water Bath.

Fast, efficient collection and handling of colostrum, so it can be tested for quality, and frozen for future use.

The Store & Thaw Water bath is designed to thaw colostrum quickly (within 15 minutes), avoiding damage to the delicate immunoglobulins.

Many calves do not receive sufficient colostrum in the first 6 hours of life. Keeping a bank of frozen colostrum is an efficient way to make sure every calf gets a good start in life. Colostrum is a vital first feed. Calves acquire passive immunity from their dam’s colostrum and without it they are vulnerable to disease, leading to poor growth, higher vet & medicine bills and poor performance.

Dairy farms with a Johne’s Contol Programme will need to discard diseased colostrum from ‘red’ & ‘amber’ cows and feed healthy colostrum as a substitute. This has to be easily accessible and easily heated up for quick delivery.

More colostrum – means less calf hood disease
More colostrum – means faster growth
More colostrum – means higher yielding heifers
More colostrum – means more pregnant heifers


Store & Thaw Water Bath comprises:

– Water heater/agitator, controlled by digital thermostat
– Double walled bath with drainage tap, overflow and lid
– 2 stainless steel baskets
– Pocket timer


Store & Thaw Storage Kit contains:

– Bovine colostrometer
– 40 Store & Thaw 5 litre reusable colostrum bags and screw caps
– Store & Thaw stainless steel filling bracket (wall mounted)
– Jug and funnel with wide bore
– 150 freezer labels
– 2 plastic freezer baskets
– Thermometer
– Laminated, wall mounted instructions

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