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Product Details

Super Scoop



  • Restricts the side to side movement of the animals head
  • Provides increased safety for the animal and the operator
  • Takes the strain out of tasks such as dosing and ear tagging
  • Keeps the head up so reducing the risk of the animal choking
  • Helps prevent animal collapsing
  • May need some self assembly


IAE have now updated the popular Super Scoop® to the MARK 4.

The Mark III Super Scoop® is no longer available.

Improvements to the Super Scoop® follow on from the upgrades previously made to the MARK III. The recently introduced revised plastic moulding continues to be a success and offer greater strength, whilst improving access to the head, reducing proximity to the eyes and minimising ear tag loss.

Some of the other improvements to the design from the Mark III are as follows:

– The Mark 4 Super Scoop® offers improved aesthetics featuring an internal mechanism, without reducing ease of maintenance
– Locking ratchet mechanism is improved by using a concentric ratchet locking face and pawl allowing for an easier release when under load. This reduces strain on the operator and animal
– A superior fastening bracket which offers a more stable point of rotation
– The central pivot point now has a larger bore and a new bearing spreads load over a greater area, significantly reducing wear on that component
– The central bearing is of self lubricating carbon filled PTFE, offering exceptional strength and wear characteristics

The unit is now any hand, with a simple change around procedure which is fully documented. It is supplied factory fitted as a right hand unit only. If consumers wish to operate it from the other side of the crush, it is to be changed over on site, following the instructions provided.

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